Drumshanbo Vocational School

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Our school is very pro-active when it comes to the whole area of litter prevention.  Each year, usually in April, the school organises a big litter clean-up operation.  About 70 students from the school are divided up into groups of five.  They set out from the Mayflower and collect rubbish along the roads around Drumshanbo on selected routes.  all rubbish collected is piled up at the Mayflower, divided up into recyclable and non-recyclable materials and collected  by the local waste disposal company after the event.     

The aims of the rally include -

  • Ridding the roads of Drumshanbo from litter
  • Increasing the environmental awareness of young and old people
  • Educating people to avoid unnecessary litter and how to dispose litter the right way
  • Teaching what impact different sorts of litter have on the environment.